#54 A Little Girl In Ohio

Just months ago three women were found having been missing for years. Cleveland was the center of the type of pouncing news coverage/chaos that was almost as shocking as the crime of kidnapping and years of confinement. I avoided most of that coverage.

There was an exception. I found a brief online Washington Post article. It dealt primarily with the child, a little girl born in that horrific confinement. She is the child of one of the kidnapped women. The piece dealt in moderate detail about which woman was chosen to give birth and the horror of what happened to another.

The story revealed that the child left the house occasionally with the father. They had been seen blocks away from the house at a playground together, without suspicion.

The little girl was never told the names of the three women held hostage with her. I don’t remember if the article reported if the child knew which was her mother.

The brilliant monster knew that a child might slip mentioning any of the women’s names while outdoors; a name that someone might recognize and lead to their rescue. It was all she knew. She was clueless.

I identified deeply with that little girl.


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