#68 A Pause

There are moments in a life, and I’m not talking about a fork in the road. Life goes that way, or another. But bigger (no need for a bigger word) times, when you know that something has started and if it isn’t finished, the rest is worth about as much as these cheap jeans.

I started the essays. No, I started the list, the eight-page list, and that list became essays. I move forward with other projects, chiefly screenplays, but also know as sure as it takes oxygen to stay alive, that I must finish and go deeper. There are deeper layers. There are more stories. Stories I considered burying. Stories I considered telling only in part or stories I keep ignoring on the list. Unfortunately now I know that if I don’t finish, open another vein all over this keyboard, the rest of my days are pointless and incomplete. Turns out unfortunately, incomplete is not acceptable.

There will be more veils down, more stories to relive. More laughs at myself, more pain to re-feel. Or pain to feel at last. Then and only then, will the rest of what is left of my days be clear or worthwhile.

So I take a deep breath with more to follow.

2 Comments on “#68 A Pause”

  1. Kathy says:

    Although you do this by and for yourself, know that others tag along because what we’ve read so far compels us to do so.

  2. Sylvia says:

    In medicine it is the act of debridement of a wound that promotes healing and new healthy life for what’s infected or decayed. It hurts, no one likes it, but it must be done. It’s done to remove what’s dead. You are debriding your heart and soul with your essays, and are growing stronger with each one. Kudos, Elizabeth.

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